I formed Amari Law Office, PLC to help people with their legal needs, from the typically common to unusually complex. Often people seek legal help for answers to specific questions, without sufficient knowledge to perceive the depth of their legal needs. Regardless of how clearly you perceive your legal needs, deciding which lawyer you hire deserves careful consideration. When you hire a lawyer, you engage a relationship that must be based on trust and confidence. This calls for a deeper trust and confidence than experienced in every day relationships.

When you choose a lawyer, I urge you to delve deeply into considerations that do not appear on the surface. Of course, knowledge, dependability, competency, accessibility, resourcefulness, skills, work and professional ethics, integrity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are all extremely important qualities that should be considered. Less apparent, but equally (or perhaps more) important, are characteristics of humility, friendliness, empathy, spirituality and availability. Some make the mistake of believing that a chest-pounding, loud, brash approach is needed in an adversarial situation. The most effective warrior is the one who accurately assesses his strengths, knows when and who to ask for help, is able to muster necessary resources and allows others to underestimate his abilities.

Through my law firm of Amari Law Office, PLC, I am available to help you with your legal needs in the areas of wills and trusts, probate and trust administration, asset preservation planning, estate, gift and generation-skipping tax planning, formation of corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and charitable organizations and foundations, real-estate transactions, IRS tax collection defense and fiduciary litigation.

Knowledge is important, but insight trumps knowledge. Choose your lawyer with care and insight. Your choice not only impacts the outcome of your situation, but creates one of the most important and consequential relationships that you will have. I invite you to inquire into what I offer to bring to that relationship.

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